Wellness Program

Do you want to experience unique and quality activities related to health and wellness in Japan?

NAGASAKI WELLNESS provides wellness activities such as healthy meals, massage and other complementary and alternative therapy experiences related to Nagasaki, Japan. All therapists and providers are trained and qualified by the Nagasaki wellness association.

Experiences in our program are very unique. All activities are related to Nagasaki, Japan.

All program owners are passed our rigorous evaluation including test form foreigners in English.

Although the quality of service is extraordinary, we further trained them to pass this evaluation. In this evaluation, they have to be rated more than 4 points out of 5 in all items, as NAGASAKI WELLNESS brand need an only high-level program.

Their communication skill is good enough for certain programs, however, they are still learning. (Japanese and English are far different language families so it’s difficult to learn)

Therefore, each owner’s level of communication skill is rated using three stars.(Max★★★-Min☆☆☆)

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