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Nagasaki Kunchi

Although the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival was cancelled this year to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, let’s still talk about this wonderful event that celebrates Nagasaki’s diverse history.

Occurring annually from October 7th to 9th, Kunchi is a festival that celebrates the influence that the Chinese and Dutch cultures have had on the city historically. Although having been celebrated for around 400 years, Kunchi has not lost its luster. Usually five or seven groups perform traditional dances in four locations scattered around the city (some featured in the photos). These performances are highly popular; their reserved seats selling out weeks before the festival.

Almost all Nagasaki citizens celebrate by either participating in the performances, dressing up in traditional Japanese clothing, or walking around enjoying the festive atmosphere with friends and family. Delicious food stands offering Nagasaki cuisine line the streets. The city is covered in bright decorations.

If you are intending to visit Nagasaki post-pandemic, make sure you try to plan your trip during the lively Kunchi Festival. The city truly comes to life!