Experience the Healing Powers of Kampo Cuisine

At KINKAN Kenkokan in Nagasaki City, they believe in the healing powers of Kampo Cuisine, a herbal-medicine practice that was introduced in Japan in the 5th or 6th century.

Their philosophy is centered around “safe and delicious food”, which is incorporated into their exclusively organic and preservative-free menu. The ingredients of their dishes are all pesticide-free and locally sourced. Some examples of the healthy, yet appetizing items that they serve at KINKAN Kenkokan include homemade raw amazake, goma (sesame) tofu, and gluten-free gateau chocolat cake.

Aside from supplying organic, delicious foods, KINKAN Kenkokan provides advice and counseling to its customers about how they can better understand and fulfill their dietary needs. Although KINKAN Kenkokan’s program is currently closed due to Covid-19, their store is still open. Go experience the healing powers of Kampo Cuisine at KINKAN Kenkokan for yourself!