Glover Garden free tour

On September 23rd, a group went on a two-hour, relaxing tour of Glover Garden. The main objective of this tour was to explore options that will improve a tourist’s experience at the historical site. While being there, they evaluated the level of efficiency of the English materials offered at the historical park. They also held a discussion about how to improve a tourist’s experience thereby identifying problems about the tour and exploring solutions. Lastly, they enjoyed delicious desserts from The Glover Cafe.

If you were interested in this free tour, but were unable to make it yesterday, don’t worry! We are holding another free tour at Glover Garden on Saturday, October 3rd from 5PM to 7PM. For more information on how to register for this relaxing tour, please visit the post below titled “Free 2 hour Glover Garden Tour” or comment on this post to get help. Take note that the deadline to apply for this upcoming tour is October 1st. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions below in the comments section.