Female Inequality in Nagasaki


Nagasaki has one of the highest rates of female inequality in the workforce in all of Japan. Considering the fact that Japan as a whole has a wide wage gap compared to other countries anyways (women’s annual income in Japan was 24.5 percent lower than men in 2018 (Yamaguchi, 2019), this means that Nagasaki’s females are in dire need of support. In an effort to help guide female entrepreneurs in Nagasaki’s health and beauty industries to success, Yoko Arinaga founded Nagasaki Wellness in 2019. It is through this organization that she helps these women expand their customer base by heightening their English communication skills and advertise their businesses in ways that will attract both international as well as domestic customers. Since Covid-19 halted travel and forced many companies to shift their work online, face-to-face businesses, such as the ones in the health and beauty industry, have truly struggled. At this time Nagasaki Wellness and the female-owned businesses it is partnered with are asking for your financial assistance. We have set up a funding page where you can donate any amount of money. Any donation is greatly appreciated. We also have discount vouchers for our wellness programs that we can give you when you donate. If you’re interested in learning more about Nagasaki Wellness or donating to this cause, please visit the funding page at https://gogetfunding.com/health-beauty-wellness-program…/. Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to serving you in Nagasaki soon!

Pictured above is one of Nagasaki Wellness’ hardworking female entrepreneurs. She is performs restorative tea ceremonies. If you would like to learn more about her program please visit https://nagasaki-wellness.com/post/restorative-tea-ceremony/