In 2019, Nagasaki Wellness was established to provide beauty, health and wellness services to both international and domestic customers in Nagasaki City.

With her superb English communication skills and her wide range of knowledge in nursing and medicine, the director of Nagasaki Wellness, Dr. Yoko Arinaga, has been helping passionate Nagasaki female business owners improve their businesses by working with them on their English skills.

Not only does she wish to empower Nagasaki women, whose income is notoriously much lower than that of their male counterparts, but she also strives to deliver high-quality health and wellness services to foreign customers during their trip to Nagasaki.

However, we are now battling with the new COVID-19 pandemic which has significantly reduced the number of tourists visiting Japan, especially Nagasaki.

Due to this, the businesses of our passionate and hard-working women have been affected negatively.

We started crowdfunding for the first time to help provide aid for these female owners during their time of need.

The link to our funding page is posted below:

We would deeply appreciate any contribution you can make to support these female-owned businesses.

As the saying goes, “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated.

We also have many benefits for our donors that will reduce costs for those who would like to experience our quality services. 

We are looking forward to your support and serving you when you come to Nagasaki.

Thank you and best wishes.