About us

Ai International Medical Research Institute

Ai International Medical Research Institute aims to improve science and society with love.

The researchers and staff at our institute work to improve the well-being of patients and clients around the globe.

We believe that love supports the evolution of science and the community.


NAGASAKI WELLNESS provides quality wellness activities such as healthy meals, massage and other complementary and alternative therapy experiences related to Nagasaki, Japan.

Experiences in our program are very unique. NAGASAKI WELLNESS activities contain preventive health services, spa, beauty, fitness, personal growth, nature, and much more. We also work as a concierge for your travel in Nagasaki. We can suggest an ideal timetable regardless of the period of your stay.

Research and Care Support

We offer support for research and work, especially in the field of health care.

Our costumers are researchers, students, M.D.s, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, counselors, professional caregivers, and other clients who seek improvements!

Nagasaki Accessible and Medical Tourism

We are specialists in accessible and medical tourism.

Your health problem or disability should not mean giving up your journey.


Dr. Yoko Arinaga,

Director of Ai International Medical Research Institute and NAGASAKI WELLNESS


  • 2014        Ph.D., Nursing, Tohoku University
  • 2006        Master of palliative care, Flinders University
  • 2005        Graduate diploma in palliative care, Flinders University
  • 1990        Qualified as a registered nurse


  • 2019        Director, Ai international medical research institute
  • 2016        Associate professor, Graduate school of health sciences,Nagasaki University
  • 2014        Assistant professor, Graduate school of medicine, Tohoku university
  • 2012        Assistant professor, School of nursing, Fukushima medical university
  • 2010        Research assistant, Graduate school of medicine, Tohoku university

I worked as a nurse for hospital and hospice in Japan and Australia for 14 years and worked as a researcher for 8 years. My interest has been supporting patients and their family particularly in their end stage. As they suffer physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually, it was hard to ignore and do nothing for them. I wanted support my patients with my hands so I had training at hospice in south Australia in my 20’s. I learned palliative care and complementary and alternative therapies and brought it back to Japan. I taught how to support patients and families using pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions, including aromatherapy, massage, counselling and healing to medical professionals and students. I established Ai international medical research institute to use these knowledge and skill fully for people who need them.

I accomplished master’s degree in palliative care at Flinders university, south Australia, and PhD in nursing in Japan.

I became a researcher because I experienced the evidence is most powerful in medical field to convince other people. My research themes have been about breast cancer related lymphoedema and other oncology nursing.

I established Ai international medical research institute to use these knowledge and skill fully for people who need them.

Furthermore, many of patients and families told me they want to travel before they die, but they had fear for pain and troubles at tourist destinations.

Our aim is to make their dreams come true and to see them laughing together, sharing wonderful time and making beautiful memories.

We are very passionate to make people happy.