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If you are;

  • 1. History lover
  • 2. Health & Wellness Lover or
  • 3. Visiting Japan

Nagasaki should be on your list of places to experience.

Nagasaki is a city known for it’s tragic history but it is also one of the most advanced cities in Japan in terms of medical advances. Nagasaki is not only the place for tragic history as you think. Nagasaki was a most advanced place for health and medicine in Japan once before.

Dejima (Exit island in Japanese), Nagasaki was a only world trading spot in Japan from 1641 to 1854 due to the policy of seclusion. Therefore, Nagasaki was a center of medicine, military science, and astronomy for more than 200 years.

The history and culture in Nagasaki are unique in Japan. The impact from trading with Asian and European countries and tragic events in history such as the persecution of the Christians and later the atomic bombing in WW2 and many natural disasters made Nagasaki special.

And now, Nagasaki is becoming a hot spot for wellness tourism in Japan.

Increase your value while you are traveling in Japan!

Medical and Accessibility Assistance

Our friendly, compassionate and experienced nurses will provide care for your special needs (and those of your family) during your stay in Nagasaki.
  • We can visit your accommodation and give you advice for your medical needs.
  • We can look after your family while you go out.
  • We can accompany you to hospital or wherever you want to go.
  • We provide quality, private transport such as wheelchair accessible car to cater for the varying needs of the our customers.

Nagasaki is not disability-friendly tourist destination. We will assure the safety and security for our clients such as person with wheelchairs or walking difficulties.